An Emergency Financial Survival Package

Nightclubs have remained closed in line with health restrictions - but have no way to earn money. This risks the future of the sector, the job security of our staff and the enormous economic and cultural contribution nightclubs provide to the UK.

We need the government to provide a rescue package to help our sector weather the impact of the coronavirus and assist reopening once the law deems it to be safe. 

Protection from eviction

Nightclubs that can’t earn can’t afford rent - and now face eviction. Even rent deferrals mean that those nightclubs that do survive will reopen to immediately find themselves in debt to their landlords - likely to the tune of millions of pounds - and this could finish what remains of our industry.


We need the government to introduce protection from eviction for nightclubs - both during and immediately after the crisis to allow the industry to get back on its feet. 

Business Rate Relief Extension

Unless the government extends rate relief, by April 2021 nightclubs will face yet another cost that could prove the breaking point for many. Venues will likely face closure or will be forced to let staff go in order to survive the financial loss.


We’re asking the government to extend business rate relief by a further year, enabling our sector to get back on its feet.