We’re a nationwide coalition representing over one hundred nightclubs and thousands of staff, urging the UK government to #SaveNightclubs. We’re not asking to risk public health - we’re asking for a lifeline to help our industry survive the coming weeks.

The nightclub industry is a crucial part of the UK economy, generating £3bn a year in income - that’s £58 million every week. The sector is also a vital source of jobs, particularly for the young, employing around 45,000 people - 72% of who are under 25 years old. Nightclubs are also an important part of domestic tourism, with 10% bar visits and 9% club visits forming part of a city break. Today it is an industry under intense pressure and without urgently needed government assistance, UK nightclubs - and their enormous economic contribution - will disappear altogether.  


Unlike pubs, restaurants and hotels, nightclubs have remained closed since Covid-19 measures were introduced in March 2020. Following months of uncertainty, the UK government has advised that restrictions will likely continue until at least March 2021. Without urgent assistance from the government, the majority of Britain’s nightclubs will close for good over the coming weeks, wiping out an integral part of the UK's night-time economy - the country’s fifth-largest industry. 


The hundreds of nightclubs and thousands of staff we represent all recognise that Covid-19 has plunged the country into an incredibly difficult position. But we’re asking the government - and the public - to lend us vital support now to prevent a devastating tsunami of job losses, a wipeout of future economic contributions and further ruin to towns and cities across the UK which are already on their knees.

     WHO WE ARE     




Provide a financial survival package to help our sector weather COVID’s impact of the coronavirus and assist in future reopening ​



Introduce protection from eviction for nightclubs during and immediately after the crisis


Extend business rate relief by one year to enable our sector to get back on its feet


Spread the word with #SaveNightclubs across social media!

Contact your local MP to urge them to #SaveNightclubs!

We have included a suggested template below.